Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cars Birthday Cake - $60.00

This fun kid's birthday cake made a very special 4 year old's birthday totally customized to match her favorite Disney movie! Built from scratch, this cake made fast tracks on the road to tasty!

contains: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, salt, milk, baking powder (icing: cream cheese icing)

Summer Beach Cake - $60.00

For a thirteen year old with a summer birthday, a fun water/beach theme was the perfect request! This cake made the proverbial "spash" at the party!

contains: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, salt, milk, baking powder, graham crackers, Gold Fish® crackers, melting chocolate chips

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Theresa's Independence Day Cake - $30.00

This festive Happy 4th of July cake is named after my grandma Theresa Musslyn who was born on the 4th of July in 1905 and got to enjoy fireworks for every birthday! It's made from scratch and has a fun red white and blue inside as well when cut into!

contains:butter, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, salt, milk, baking powder, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, cream cheese icing

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stinkerbella's Torte - $25.00

Enjoy the (slightly) lighter side of cake with this delicious three-layer golden cake, held together by creamy whipped topping and vanilla pudding filling, decorated with a beautiful display of colorful fruit! A wonderful way to wrap up any meal any day of the week!

contains: golden sponge cake, butter, eggs, whipped topping, vanilla pudding, apple jelly, pineapple (and juice), peaches (and juice), maraschino cherries.

Froggie Cake: $50 / Froggie Cupcakes: $15/dozen

It's time to go green! This yummy made-from-scratch cake and cupcake set was a special request for my sweet step-nephew who was turning 1 year old and just loves frogs! This was a first try on an animal cake, and now I'm ready to give the rest of the zoo a tell me your favorite animal and let's see what we can do for your next party!

contains: cake: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, salt, milk, baking powder / butter cream frosting: half-and-half, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla / gel frosting (black and red), mini marshmallows, plastic spoon handles.

CupCake Pops - $40 for 30 pieces.

A recipe from a wonderful site: ( pops). These are the perfect bite-sized cake desserts to make any party all that much more fun! The outter chocolate shell provides a perfect casing for any flavor cake inside. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to themes, designs, colors, etc. Visit and challenge me to one of those designs, OR let's work together to come up with something fun for your party! Footballs for a Super Bowl party? Egg shapes for an Easter brunch? Googly eyeballs for a Halloween party? Let's have some fun!

contains: cake mix, cream cheese icing, dipping chocolate, various decorations.

Gluten-Free German Chocolate Cake - $30.00

For anyone with an allergy to gluten, this recipe has been tested more than once by a very scientific panel of judges (must-be-gluten-free girlfriends drinking wine and eating this cake!) and has held a solid title of "the best cake that totally doesn't taste like anything but sin" several times over! This cake, made with rice flour, is best served with whipped topping and fresh berries, warm or room temp, and may bring on side effects such as Licking Fork Syndrome, Giddy Chocolate High, and Must Have Another Piece Disorder.

contains: sweet German chocolate, eggs, granulated suger, butter, vanilla, rice flour, corn starch, baking powder, baking soda, salt, buttermilk, powdered sugar, and seasonal fruit.

Coffee-Orange Fudge Cake - $30.00

This fantastic chocolate wonder goes great with whipped cream, fresh berries, and a warm cup of java!

contains: devil's food chocolate cake, sour cream, vegetable oil, eggs, chocolate pudding, coffee liqueur, shredded orange peel, cinnamon, semisweet chocolate chips, powdered sugar, seasonal fruit.

White Chocolate Orange Cherry Cake - $30.00

Every taste bud gets a workout with this cake that holds a terrific blend of sweet and tart in every bite. Enjoy warm with whipped topping during the holidays, or room temperature, or even slightly chilled, on a summer afternoon with a tasty glass of sun tea!

Cranberries can be substituted instead of cherries.

contains: white baking chocolate, butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, eggs, grated orange peel, orange juice, all purpose flour, baking powder, fresh or frozen cherries (or cranberries).

Available Cake Molds

All cakes, except Stinkerbella's Tort, are available in your choice of these shapes and sizes!

Homemade Vegan Dog Treats - 30 treats (2" ea.) $6.00 per pkg. (with shipping $8.00 per pkg.)

Your pooch will love these crunchy bites of wholesome goodness. And she will look at you sideways when you bite off a piece and eat if yourself! "HEY! WAIT! Those are for ME you silly HUMAN!" Sorry my little furry friend, I tend to forget they are for you since they are made from just whole wheat flour, corn meal, water and vegetable oil....baked until slightly crispy, with a bit of cheese these really could go great with a glass of wine! Tasty as they may be, however, they really are meant for dogs - and dogs love 'em! And you'll love knowing they only contain 4 natural and good-for-you(r dog) ingredients safe for our best friends!

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